About The Project

The Album:

  • 300 contiguous songs (no breaks between songs)
  • 22+ hours long
  • 3000+ hours of work to create this album and all of the content
  • Uses compositions created over a course of 8 years
  • 227 songs with vocals (45,000+ words)

Three Main Genres:

  • Alternative Rock/Pop
  • Soundtrack/Trailer Music
  • Electronic (lots of chiptune influences)

Alpha Release

Since this is the alpha release of the album, there are many things that still need to be worked on, including the re-singing off all the vocals with a better mic (and in some cases even with new lyrics). The beta release will have better vocals, correct vocals, and mastered songs so that the instrument and vocal levels are all better. The final release will be the point where I am satisfied with the state of the entire album.

In order to comply with the free culture works definition, when I release the beta version of the album, I will also release the source files for all the songs on this album in both FLP and MIDI format, along with any vocal tracks.

The entire album was made in FL Studio. If you would like to purchase FL Studio for yourself, you can use this code to save 10%. You'll also be supporting me, since I receive money whenever someone uses the code. Keep in mind that it only works on purchases over $89.00.

If you have any specific questions that you would like answered, you can send me a message on the Contact page. I will try to get back to you or include it in an FAQ at some point.